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Greater Illinois Postal Customer Council

2018 Mailers Forum - Sessions

2018 Speakers and Topics

The list of 2018 specific topics, and the presenters of each, will be annouced mid-July. Topics will include sessions on Informed Delivery, building Direct Mail Campaigns, the new Enterprise Payment System, and much more.




Informed Visibility The Power of Informed Delivery
The Future Is NOW For Your Mail Center Building a Campus Mail Center Brand
Understanding and Resolving Undocumented Mail Streamlined Acceptance
Using Sensory Branding to Drive Response Rates Postage Optimization Strategies
Mailing 101 – The Basics Basic Folded Self-Mailers and Booklets



Informed Visibility

Angelo Anagnostopoulos, VP Postal Affairs GrayHair Software

This session will explain just what informed Visibility (IV) is and how it is different from the legacy IMB Tracing system. IV Rollout schedule and how mail owners can leverage the data for post-delivery activities.

The Future is NOW For Your Mail Center

Lea Holt, Professional L Inc. “ProLinc”

This session is meant to provide an overview of current programs, technologies and best practices that are being used on campuses across the nation. The National Association of College and University Mail Services (NACUMS) is the catalyst behind the support, testing, and development of some of these programs. Join us for an interactive discussion on what is available for your mail center.

Understanding and Resolving Undocumented Mail

Tad Wolfe, HQ Business Mailer Support Analyst, USPS

Seamless Acceptance leverages electronic documentation and Intelligent Mail Barcodes on pieces, trays, sacks, and containers. Mail piece scans that do not match Electronic documentation are therefore considered undocumented. This Session is to have a deeper understanding of the Undocumented piece error. We will discuss the different Undocumented errors and review the Mailer Scorecard reports to help research and resolve these errors.

Using Sensory Branding To Drive Response Rates

Mike Gruper, Matt Menconi, American Litho

Learn how & why marketers are using print to target the senses and relate with customers on an emotional level.

Mailing 101 – The Basics

Cathy Meeks, Central District Manager Business Mail Entry, USPS

This session is for those new to our industry and will focus on the basics of Commercial Mailing. From Mail Categories, Rates, Payment and beyond.

The Power of Informed Delivery

Chris Lien, President BCCSoftware

In this session, three key areas will be addressed. First, the facts behind the need for multichannel marketing, Secondly how mailing service providers can start the conversation around Informed delivery. Finally, we will look at how software is supporting Informed delivery.

Building a Campus Mail Center Brand

Lea Holt, Professional L Inc. “ProLinc”

Branding of services is vital on campus today as students become more demanding and expectations for self-service increase. If your areas of responsibility are diverse, such as print, mail, copy centers and contract services then identifying a brand is important. This session will discuss how to identify and develop a brand for your business and the positive outcomes received through proper branding.

Streamlined Acceptance

Micheal Filipski, HQ Mail Entry and Payment Technology, USPS

Seamless Acceptance automates the entry and verification of commercial mailings by leveraging electronic documentation, Intelligent Mail barcodes (IMbs), and information collected from handheld scanners and processing equipment scans. This session will provide an understanding of how Full Service, eInduction, and Seamless Acceptance all tie together, and how you can reap benefits in your operations.

Postage Optimization Strategies

Marion Vranek, National Sales Print Media Division, ALG Worldwide

This session will discuss contemporary strategies to maximize profitability and TCPP cost reductions through postage optimization. Key to understanding, comparing and analyzing the relationship between postage costs & postage savings to that of the associated direct and indirect print media logistic/consolidation/co-production options and costs to create maximum ROI and yield greatest net postage savings.

Basic Folded Self-Mailers and Booklets

Leanne Herman, Sr. Postal Affairs Specialist, RRD

This session will discuss the differences between Folded Self-Mailers and Booklets, requirements for preparation, and design aspects to consider.


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